Safe Handling of Firearms in Gun Stores

Safe handling of firearms in gun stores…

safe handling of firearmsYou can tell a lot about a person’s gun handling expertise by watching them hand a gun to someone. I was recently in one of the local shooting shops in my area and I saw a man asking to see a handgun that was in the showcase. The clerk smiled and said sure and grabbed the handgun and handed it to the potential customer. This particular clerk did not drop the magazine (YES ITS NOT A CLIP), lock the slide back and check to see if it was unloaded, he just ASSUMED it was. You know that old saying about assume don’t you? Luckily the customer turned the gun in a safe direction and dropped the magazine and locked the slide back and checked it himself. This customer was obviously a well-trained individual and it was nice to see his proper command of that firearm. Well here’s the problem. The clerk should have done all that and then the customer should have checked it again to make sure. This is common sense gun safety 101. First of all, a proper pass of a firearm is to be unloaded with the slide locked back pointing in a safe direction with overhand grip across the slide, the receiving party should accept the gun by grabbing it in the shooting hand all keeping the firearm pointed in a safe direction.

Safe Handling of Firearms

We have seen many accidents across the country when people do not check guns properly. These have happened at home, the office, a gun store, gun shows and many other places including shooting ranges. You can see how easily it can happen by viewing the video below. Safe handling of firearms at all times makes us a safe gun handler, and the people around us safe. Do not be the person who takes the shortcuts. Safe handling of firearms makes you a pro.

Remember that safe handling of firearms is not an option, it is an obligation of all firearms owners. You can never take back that bullet that exits the barrel. All you can do is control where it goes and when it launches. Learn the proper way to handle guns and be a safe gun owner.

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