Getting a Concealed Handgun Permit Pueblo Colorado

Getting a Concealed Handgun Permit Pueblo Colorado is a great option. Maybe you just want gun training so you can be safe handling your firearms around your family. Thus many people want to be able to safely go shooting at one of the public ranges. Gun training can be many different things to many different people. Some people need basic safety gun training. They want to have a gun in their home and they want to be able to use it safely to protect themselves and their family.

Concealed Handgun Permit Pueblo Colorado

No matter what your need in gun training a good basic gun training course will give you gun safety. Basic gun handling skills necessary to use a gun safely in many activities will be covered too. You will be taught the proper method to load and unload popular firearms. Also to keep and store guns and ammunition properly in your home. No matter what the training most of these important firearm topics will be covered.concealed handgun permit pueblo colorado

 concealed handgun permit pueblo coloradoBe sure to pick a Gun training instructor that has good credentials and can do the training around your busy schedule. Everyone doesn’t fit into the Saturday class that some only teach. Finally there are several Instructors in the area that can work a class around your busy lifestyle. Thus you will be very pleased at how easy Concealed Handgun Permit Pueblo Colorado can fit into your schedule.
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Safe Handling of Firearms in Gun Stores

Safe handling of firearms in gun stores…

safe handling of firearmsYou can tell a lot about a person’s gun handling expertise by watching them hand a gun to someone. I was recently in one of the local shooting shops in my area and I saw a man asking to see a handgun that was in the showcase. The clerk smiled and said sure and grabbed the handgun and handed it to the potential customer. This particular clerk did not drop the magazine (YES ITS NOT A CLIP), lock the slide back and check to see if it was unloaded, he just ASSUMED it was. You know that old saying about assume don’t you? Luckily the customer turned the gun in a safe direction and dropped the magazine and locked the slide back and checked it himself. This customer was obviously a well-trained individual and it was nice to see his proper command of that firearm. Well here’s the problem. The clerk should have done all that and then the customer should have checked it again to make sure. This is common sense gun safety 101. First of all, a proper pass of a firearm is to be unloaded with the slide locked back pointing in a safe direction with overhand grip across the slide, the receiving party should accept the gun by grabbing it in the shooting hand all keeping the firearm pointed in a safe direction.

Safe Handling of Firearms

We have seen many accidents across the country when people do not check guns properly. These have happened at home, the office, a gun store, gun shows and many other places including shooting ranges. You can see how easily it can happen by viewing this video . Safe handling of firearms at all times makes us a safe gun handler, and the people around us safe. Do not be the person who takes the shortcuts. Safe handling of firearms makes you a pro.

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Free Gun Cleaning Class

Free Gun Cleaning Class

Not all firearms are easy to clean. If you have never cleaned a gun before or are new to guns, or if you are having trouble disassembling or reassembling your firearm when you clean it, then you will want to come to one of our comprehensive classes on gun cleaning.

free gun cleaning classThis free gun cleaning class is designed to help the gun owner learn and understand the best possible way to clean their particular firearm.

Learn from a knowledgeable instructor that has over 20 years of stripping, cleaning, reassembling, modifying, and rebuilding various firearms.

Come to class with the firearm you want to clean. We will supply you with everything you will need to clean your gun, and provide hands on classroom instruction:

You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to clean a modern firearm, unless it has been neglected. We’ll show you what you need and will probably save you a bunch of money.

When you bring your firearm to class please follow these safety rules:

Free Gun Cleaning Class will be held at 6pm Wednesday Evenings space is limited and advance sign up is required. Once you sign up you will be sent instructions by email about where class will be held. Give us your information on this form and include the gun make and model you will be bringing to class. There are several methods and preferences to cleaning your firearms, the methods offered in this class are only suggestions, it is always better to follow the manufactures recommendations for a clean and well maintained firearm.

Sign Up Today


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Update Your Concealed Carry Training

concealed carry trainingMany people have concealed carry training that dates back six to ten years or more. In many of my classes recently I have had men and woman getting updated training and some new information. After class I usually ask if these people learned anything new. Many have stated that a lot of the training I do today they never got in class when they took concealed carry training before. The biggest problem is that many of the new concepts that I teach are geared to keep the concealed carry holder out of trouble and to stay alive. Many of the information gaps come from people who do not know the real story and are talking about issues they have improper information on. Even many of the instructors who do not have up to date training have gaps in the information they teach.

Update Your Concealed Carry Training

-Do you have a duty to retreat in Colorado?

-Can you carry in locations that sell alcohol?

-Do No GUNS Allowed signs have any force of law?

-Brandishing in Colorado?

-Duty to declare to police officers

-Marijuana, Alcohol and guns

-Buying and selling guns privately

-Number one safety violation that many people do when handling    guns

-Picking the wrong gun or ammunition for personal protection

-The real story on Open Carry

Many Concealed Carry Training classes in the area fall short and do not give the information you need to keep you and your family safe.  Rick Sindeband is one of the Instructors in the area that you can learn these important topics and more and he has been known to have a discounted program for a concealed carry permit refresher course. Rick’s information can be found on his website . Don’t hesitate to get the important training you need.


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Gun Training Pueblo Colorado Revisited

gun training Pueblo ColoradoGun training Pueblo Colorado can be a challenge and a lot of fun. First you have to find a place to do your gun training. Several of the outdoor ranges in the area are closed to new members. Republic Shooting Range  (RSR) on 44th lane and Pueblo Municipal Shooters (PMS) at City Park are two good choices for gun training. Republic Shooting Range is new to the outdoor range scene. Under new management the Republic Shooting Range is on the move. Closed Monday and Tuesday the Republic Shooting Range is taking new members at this time. Many new projects are in process at Republic to give you one of the nicest shooting and gun training facilities in the area. Pueblo Municipal Shooter has been around for 50 years. The 10 lane indoor range is a great place to shoot indoors and as a member you can access this facility 24 hours a day.

Gun Training Pueblo Colorado

Both facilities have pros and cons for gun training Pueblo Colorado. One of the first is indoor vs outdoor. The Pueblo Colorado area has a remarkable 350 plus days out of 365 that are nice enough to do something outdoors. This makes gun training Pueblo Colorado an enjoyable experience year round. If indoors is your thing shooting is available almost every day as a member of PMS (Pueblo Municipal Shooters). Non members have just 3 days a week in the evenings to shoot. Another factor would be the guns you want to shoot. PMS allows no centerfire rifles, shotguns, or handguns bigger than a 44 magnum. Centerfire rifles are welcome at RSR and some of the larger handguns and the Judge that shoots shotgun shells is welcome. Another consideration is your ability to move and draw from the holster. PMS does allow draw from the holster, but only strong side belt holster and you are limited to the inside of your both for movement. No such limitation at RSR. Your only limitation would be what is safe. You should always take some training from a certified firearms instructor when learning how to draw from a holster. Most noteworthy is that many firearms accidents happen from draw from the holster incidents. Finally there are limitations at both ranges. Almost anyone can find a way to shoot, have fun, and be safe at the ranges in our area.

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Guns for Sale Pueblo Colorado

Guns For SaleMost gun owners know buy now that guns for sale are almost always sold by a (FFL) firearms dealer . That firearms dealer must have a federal firearms license to be able to have guns for sale. In Colorado personal transactions involving guns  have to go through a firearms dealer. This  dealer consequently must perform a background check on the parties that wish to engage in the guns for sale transaction.

Guns for Sale

There are many firearms dealers in the Pueblo Colorado area. The fees they charge for the transaction  have a maximum under the law. HB-1229 became Colorado law in 2013 and will require a background check on all firearms transfers. Referred to as universal background checks; the new law requires private gun transfers to be subject to a background check and facilitated by a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). The law states that an FFL can charge up to a maximum of $10 to conduct this type of transaction to defray costs. Any charge by an FFL is in addition to the HB-1228 transaction.

In conclusion firearms enthusiasts have been skirting the law, hence some are doing the transactions between friends. Some are doing them in other States (New Mexico and Wyoming) .

Get the advice of a good firearms instructor or a trusted firearms dealer so transactions involving guns are done legally. Pueblo Colorado has many dealers and instructors available to choose from. A directory site has many listings of firearms dealers to choose from.

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Open Carry Legal in Colorado

Open Carry Legal in Colorado

open carryEver go into the grocery store and see some guy who looks like he doesn’t know what day it is and he’s carrying a open carry gun. Yes outside the waistband hanging on his leg or out of his back pocket….you know the guy well he’s the guy who will cost all of us our gun rights someday. Yes it’s legal in Colorado but so is smoking Marijuana. Look carrying open is Legal but not very smart. Most good instructors teach that it makes you a target both for law enforcement and criminals. Do we want them to take the right away from us? No, but we need to use some good sense along the way.

Open Carry Makes You a Target…the person getting ready to rob the store you are in has to take you out first. A felon in need of a good gun can get in a position to take it from you. Also the police will stop you and try to determine if you are a prohibited possessor (felon or intoxicated).

Open Carry Makes People Nervous…older people and people that don’t understand the gun culture get a little nervous when a person that does not have a uniform on has a gun hanging from his or her belt.

On the other hand concealed carry gives you the element of surprise. You decide when and where to expose your gun. If you are carrying correctly no one will even know you have it.

When a person loses a gun to a felon in a crowd of people, and that felon takes some innocent lives with that gun the law will change. There are many appropriate places to carry your gun open. Sam’s Club, the grocery store, or a bank is not the proper place

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Pocket Carry for Concealed Handgun Permit Holder

Pocket Holster

by Rick Sindeband , Have Gun Will Train Colorado ,July 20, 2015, Pocket Carry

I had an interesting weekend in Victor, Colorado and saw some things that I thought I would discuss with the Concealed Carry Permit flock. Some Concealed Carry Holders are choosing to pocket carry guns and while this is personal choice, I am seeing more and more people do it unsafely. One person I recently met pulled the pocket carry concealed firearm out of his pocket with his fingers in front of the muzzle, and when I asked him about it his response was its a long trigger pull it can’t go off!! (See the video I posted on Facebook) I then questioned him about his pocket holster because I am curios about such things and he responded I don’t need a holster it’s this only thing in my pocket. Well he got part of it right. First of all most of you who know me know that I’m not a fan of little concealed carry guns. Yea I know the only gun that counts is the one you have with you when you need it. I think with a little concealed handgun training and wardrobe management a person can carry a reasonable size gun in a decent caliber and be comfortable and safe. With that being said a few things we should all remember about pocket carry for concealed carry. Remember if using as a backup gun ,some states do not allow a second gun to be carried.

1) Use a holster

a. Cover the trigger guard, reducing the chance of a negligent discharge

b. Protect the gun against lint and dirt, pocket carry guns need cleaning and maintenance more often

c. Protect the pocket against the gun’s sharp edges and oil

d. Keep the gun positioned correctly in the pocket, an upside down gun is dangerous and unaccessible

e. Prevents the gun from falling out of the pocket during vigorous activity

f. Allows a simple and rapid draw, with some provision to keep the holster in the pocket when the gun is drawn

2) NOTHING should go in the pocket that holds the gun except the gun and the holster.

Pocket concealed carry need not be limited to a small, sub-caliber handgun in the side or back pocket of slacks. Various pants, jackets and even some shirts provide many possibilities for effective pocket carry of small, medium and large concealed carry handguns.

Pocket carry has several major advantages:


Safety in holstering (take the holster out of the pocket face in a safe direction while holstering the firearm and then replace it in your pocket.

Pre-staging the draw, This is one of the biggest advantages of pocket carry compared to other concealed carry methods.

If trouble may be brewing, the aware concealed carry permit holder may place his or her hand on the gun in a firing grip. A practiced individual should be able to draw and make hits out to seven yards. Be careful where you practice this, it is against the rules at one of our favorite ranges.

In all cases, the handgun in question must be:

Reliable and durable under extreme circumstances, Simple and intuitive to operate, Quick to grip and draw, Well fit to your hand and naturally pointable, Shootable and controllable enough for you to keep multiple rounds on target at cyclic speed (as fast as you can pull the trigger) at close range, with one hand, Powerful enough to consistently penetrate a big guy’s vital organs through commonly worn clothing from all angles with expanding bullets.

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Choosing the Wrong Handgun

Choosing the Wrong Handgun

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Why Firearm Safety Is So Important

Pro-Gun Columnist Dies After Handing Loaded Gun To Teenager — Why Firearm Safety Is So Important

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