Self Defense Training Very Popular

Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training Very Popular- As the attitude about handguns and self-defense across this country changes, self-defense training with a handgun becomes very popular. Many people believe that your first line of defense is always going to be yourself. There is a very good probability that when you need a policeman they will be many minutes or even light-years away.

Help will Take Time To Arrive

The FBI has a statistic and the gun training industry calls it the rule of 3’s. It is used frequently in conversations about self-defense shootings, and it goes like this. Most self-defense shootings are over in less than 3 seconds. They happen at a distance of usually no more than 3 yards (that’s less than 10 feet). In addition, the whole event usually has 3 rounds or less fired from a gun in total.

So Lets Break That Down

If Self Defense shootings are over in such a short time (3 seconds or less) it’s no wonder we have to rely on ourselves for self-defense. It will be very unusual circumstances that help would be there or arrive in time to stop the event.

These incidents usually happen in less than 10 feet (conversational distance). For someone to react in time and know the right steps to take this self-defense situation will take training.

Last but not least only 3 rounds or less will be fired from all guns involved. You can imagine that you are going to have to be pretty savy to make this happen. Especially when you are scared.

Self Defense Training Very Popular

Many people are seeking out training to carry a concealed handgun. It’s not hard to get a permit to carry a handgun in Colorado, it is a very easy process.  Colorado is a shall issue state. What that means is if you qualify ( and most people do) Colorado is going to issue you a permit to carry a handgun.

Get Specialized Training

Now all the fun starts. Get a proper gun and equipment. Learn the gun. Learn the laws. Understand what Self Defense means and when you can use it. Then finally learn to use that gun in less than 3 seconds to save your life or someone else’s. Sound like fun it can be but you need an experienced guide to show you the way.

Self Defense Training in Southern Colorado

One of the best training schools in the area to learn this kind of skill is Have Gun Will Train Colorado, located in Pueblo Colorado.  This school has many class times and days of the week to get you started on almost any schedule. Look it up and check it out.

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