Update Your Concealed Carry Training

concealed carry trainingMany people have concealed carry training that dates back six to ten years or more. In many of my classes recently I have had men and woman getting updated training and some new information. After class I usually ask if these people learned anything new. Many have stated that a lot of the training I do today they never got in class when they took concealed carry training before. The biggest problem is that many of the new concepts that I teach are geared to keep the concealed carry holder out of trouble and to stay alive. Many of the information gaps come from people who do not know the real story and are talking about issues they have improper information on. Even many of the instructors who do not have up to date training have gaps in the information they teach.

Update Your Concealed Carry Training

-Do you have a duty to retreat in Colorado?

-Can you carry in locations that sell alcohol?

-Do No GUNS Allowed signs have any force of law?

-Brandishing in Colorado?

-Duty to declare to police officers

-Marijuana, Alcohol and guns

-Buying and selling guns privately

-Number one safety violation that many people do when handling    guns

-Picking the wrong gun or ammunition for personal protection

-The real story on Open Carry

Many Concealed Carry Training classes in the area fall short and do not give the information you need to keep you and your family safe.  Rick Sindeband is one of the Instructors in the area that you can learn these important topics and more and he has been known to have a discounted program for a concealed carry permit refresher course. Rick’s information can be found on his website havegunwilltraincolorado.com . Don’t hesitate to get the important training you need.


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