Gun Training Pueblo Colorado Revisited

gun training Pueblo ColoradoGun training Pueblo Colorado can be a challenge and a lot of fun. First you have to find a place to do your gun training. Several of the outdoor ranges in the area are closed to new members. Republic Shooting Range  (RSR) on 44th lane and Pueblo Municipal Shooters (PMS) at City Park are two good choices for gun training. Republic Shooting Range is new to the outdoor range scene. Under new management the Republic Shooting Range is on the move. Closed Monday and Tuesday the Republic Shooting Range is taking new members at this time. Many new projects are in process at Republic to give you one of the nicest shooting and gun training facilities in the area. Pueblo Municipal Shooter has been around for 50 years. The 10 lane indoor range is a great place to shoot indoors and as a member you can access this facility 24 hours a day.

Gun Training Pueblo Colorado

Both facilities have pros and cons for gun training Pueblo Colorado. One of the first is indoor vs outdoor. The Pueblo Colorado area has a remarkable 350 plus days out of 365 that are nice enough to do something outdoors. This makes gun training Pueblo Colorado an enjoyable experience year round. If indoors is your thing shooting is available almost every day as a member of PMS (Pueblo Municipal Shooters). Non members have just 3 days a week in the evenings to shoot. Another factor would be the guns you want to shoot. PMS allows no centerfire rifles, shotguns, or handguns bigger than a 44 magnum. Centerfire rifles are welcome at RSR and some of the larger handguns and the Judge that shoots shotgun shells is welcome. Another consideration is your ability to move and draw from the holster. PMS does allow draw from the holster, but only strong side belt holster and you are limited to the inside of your both for movement. No such limitation at RSR. Your only limitation would be what is safe. You should always take some training from a certified firearms instructor when learning how to draw from a holster. Most noteworthy is that many firearms accidents happen from draw from the holster incidents. Finally there are limitations at both ranges. Almost anyone can find a way to shoot, have fun, and be safe at the ranges in our area.

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