Open Carry Legal in Colorado

Open Carry Legal in Colorado

open carry

Open Carry is legal in Colorado (no permit required) as long as you are in a place it is allowed. You are not a prohibited possessor, and are over the age of 18 and not intoxicated. The Denver Metro area is off-limits for open carry as they have a hometown rule which means you can be arrested in the metro area for open carry.

Ever go into the grocery store and see some guy who looks like he doesn’t know what day it is and he’s carrying an open-carry gun. Yes outside the waistband hanging on his leg or out of his back pocket….you know the guy well he’s the guy who will cost all of us our gun rights someday. Yes, it’s legal in Colorado but so is smoking Marijuana. Look carrying open is Legal but not very smart. Most good instructors teach that it makes you a target both for law enforcement and criminals. Do we want them to take the right away from us? No, but we need to use some good sense along the way.

Open Carry Makes You a Target…the person getting ready to rob the store you are in has to take you out first. A felon in need of a good gun can get in a position to take it from you. Also, the police will stop you and try to determine if you are a prohibited possessor (felon or intoxicated).

Open Carry Makes People Nervous…older people and people that don’t understand the gun culture get a little nervous when a person that does not have a uniform on has a gun hanging from his or her belt.

On the other hand concealed carry gives you the element of surprise. You decide when and where to expose your gun. If you are carrying it correctly no one will even know you have it.

When a person loses a gun to a felon in a crowd of people, and that felon takes some innocent lives with that gun the law will change. There are many appropriate places to carry your gun open. Sam’s Club, the grocery store, or a bank is not the proper place

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